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Young Male Celebrities who Rock Eyeglasses

Three Young Celebrities who rock  eyeglasses.

Three young Celebrities who rock eyeglasses .

Cameron Dallas:

The 23 year old entertainer cum actor just rock the clubmaster  frame. The Internet celebrity born on september 8, 1994 became famous for his activity in Vine. He is now one of the most followed Viners, Instagram and YouTube Star. Being a style icon to many, he just rock whatever he wears. is styles are trendy and fashionable making many to follow him. If you are looking for his eyeglasses which just flaunt his look, you can click on the given picture or click Jim Parker K9079 


Cameron Dallas with glasses Clubmaster




Niall Horan: The 24 irish singer born in 1993, 13 september  is best known as the member of the boy band One direction.  A fashionista, he likes to keep it simple and classy. He got this personal taste where everyone admire his style.  The young singer came to light from the X-factor with his members is a talented guy with good sense of fashion.

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Niall with glasses

Niall Horan


Charlie Puth:

The 25 year old American pop star became popular by singing covers and self made videos in You Tube.He is known for his First single “Marvin Gaye”and his Fame came to him after singing “see you again” Cover (Fast and Furious 7 soundtrack). It became so popular all over the world reaching top chart in many countries.

His styles inspires many. Many follow him and copy his style. He just look good in anything and just sway away any look. With his Gorgeous feature and attractive smile, he kill the look with his glasses. If you are looking for his fashion statement, click below on the image or Jim Parker 9151 

Charlie Puth with glasses

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