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Yoga for your eyes

Benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga cannot exaggerate much. We all know the benefits and the long lasting effect of yoga on our health and the overall well-being. For ages, the saints and the ascetics have practiced this art to stay healthy, focus and nurture their body and soul. Yoga was consider as a means to attain enlightenment and nirvana. This is an art of achieving the balance with oneself, both physically and mentally. The modern day lifestyle poses a significant risk to our health and well-being. Long hours of desk works have restricted our movements and cause health conditions affecting our overall body. With the increase in usage of digital devices, our eyes are at higher risk to suffer from vision related issues and diseases. Practicing yoga can help fight or decrease the impact of such conditions.

yoga for your eyes
International Yoga Day

How is yoga good for eyes?

The benefits of different asana or pose aimed at specific organs of the body. As such, there is particular asana which has been proven helpful to counter eye conditions. Though they may not provide a full cure of the conditions, improvement is obtained for sure. The regular practice of yoga for eyes helps in improving various vision-related conditions such as myopia or short-sightedness, hypermetropia or long sightedness and other eye related diseases. The uses of high prescription eyeglasses, in the long run, do not improve vision. They lead to various eye related stress and conditions. Yoga helps in strengthening vision, relaxes and tone eye muscles. Regular practice alleviates stress.


Some of the asanas which can help you improve your eyesight are list below:


    • Palming: It is a simple yoga technique which can be practiced anywhere, especially in offices. It requires rubbing your hands for 10-15 Sec to warm up. Then gently place your palm over the eyes. Do not press against your eyes. Remain in this position for a few minutes and relax your eyes. Repeat the process until your eyes feel relieved.

Focus shifting: This is a very easy technique and can be done in varying ways. First, relax your body and breathe easily. In yoga you breathe plays a significant role in obtaining the desired result from any of the asanas you practice. Point out your hand straight out with a loose fist with thumbs out. Focus on the tip of the thumb and bring it closer towards your nose. Bring it until you lose focus. Move it away once you start losing focus and then bring it back closer. Repeat the step 10 times or for 1-2 mins. This same method can be practiced with a pen or a pencil.

All you have to do is focus on the tips of the pen or the pencil instead of your thumb. This is one of the most common eye exercises or asana an ophthalmologist will suggest to people with weak eye muscles. This can be practiced on a daily basis 2-3 times in a day. This helps in strengthening the muscles around the eye and helps in increasing the focus of the eye.

  • Eye rolling :We have all roll our eyes over some petty matters in our everyday life. But this simple act of expression can be practiced as an active eye asana. It is very simple. Keep your head up looking directly in front. Now, move your eye in the circular motion in a clockwise direction. Roll your eyes gently through the peripheral path to feeling the movement along. Repeat the step 3 times, and then close your eyes. Open your eyes and start rolling again in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Gazing: This is a very simple asanas which can be practiced at any open space with a view. You can practice it by your window or in a park. Sit straight and look forward. Focus your gaze on a distant object. Your eyes and face should be relaxed. Take deep breaths and shift your gaze to another object. Repeat the steps as if you are running a scan. Move from one object to another while pausing in between without losing focus. Try to admire the surroundings and gaze through to relax your eyes.



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