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World Most Stylish Grandpa

Have you all heard of the world most stylish Grandpa?

You guys must have heard of the fashionable Grandpa’s but lets talk about the most fashionable grandpa who is 104 years old. He is 104 years old and he is more fashionable then any of us.  Günther Krabbenhöft is officially declared as the most fashionable grandpa. If you like his style and is looking for a good pair of his eyeglasses, log into and get similar ones.

Most stylish man fashion


Eyeglasses have become a good accessories in our daily outfit.  There are lots of good designs and styles. Formals, casual, rough and old school. And hey, this grandpa is the world most fashionable man and he has all the collection of style that will blow your mind.

Well, to be exact he is more fashionable than any of us reading this. We all love to be fashionable. But most of us don’t really look forward to be fashionable. This old man encourage us so much with his style. Look forward to meet Mr. Günther the most fahionable Gandpa.  You cant deny that most of our grandparents are in bed or tired to even change their outfit , i seriously wonder where he gets such zeal.

He also bagged the “street Fashion Pluck  award ” in 2015.

.World most stylish Grandpa

Let us know him better:

Krabbenhoft was born in 1945, he is blessed with one daughter whom he raised for ten years.  Recognised by the media for his attractive selfies and images, he got a lot of attraction in the media by 2015. The Cosmopolitan later named him the most “Fashionable Grandpa”. Thereafter, Publication from Germany called him “oldest hipster of berlin”.



world most stylish grandpa


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