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Windsor Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses of the Legends

Windsor Eyeglasses: Make it your style

Windsor eyeglasses have been popular since the 1880’s when it was introduced. It still remains as one of the most widely admired frames of all time. Though a tough style to carry around. This eyeglasses style has been made legendary by some of eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and John Lennon. Both being an international sensation in their own areas.

Windsor Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses of the Legends

What are the features of a Windsor Eyeglasses?

Windsor Eyeglasses have completely round lenses. The uniqueness of this frame style lies in the fact that it doesn’t have a nose pad. Also the temples wrap around the ears holding the frame in place. The colour are usually in metallic hues like Gold, Silver with the bridge, inside of the rim and the temples covered with black or tortoise shell celluloid. The reason why this frame fad away was the invention of the nose pad. Just like any other vintage frame this frame too didn’t have a nose pad. But with the reappearance of classic styles this frame is again the most sought after ones. They are also gaining more and more popularity.


Windsor Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses of the Legends

The modern twist to the Old Windsor Eyeglasses?

If you are not looking for the true, Windsor then there are many Windsor style frames but with the nose pad. Today’s generation, I doubt, will not be able to use the frame without the support of the nose pad. Until and unless you are an obstinate lover of the old classic and can do without the nose pad. The Windsor frame with the modern twist are easily available. The same rounded rim with celluloid wrappings are whirling the fashion scenes. A fashion statement that celebrates the amalgamation of the former times and the modern age. It instills a look of sophistication, creativity and higher sense of self. So, speak the style with these frames.

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