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Unisex frames the latest eyeglasses collection

Unisex Frames for Both Men and Women

Unisex frames have been popular for a long time now. It is the result of the evolution of fashion world which insist on bringing in more gender neutral clothing and accessories for both men and women.

Unisex frames the latest eyeglasses collection-2

Most recently, major runway and fashion brands have shown an indistinct contrariness. There is a dramatic changed in the clear line of masculine and feminine styles. It has become an alternative style quotient. And Prescription eyeglasses are not too behind. They have followed a similar path.

Therefore, plenty of eyeglasses options are available that will be appealing to both men and women. In fact, you can straight away look for unisex frames.

There are many styles which are neutral, but daring prints, pattern or designs can blur the gender line.

Top Five Unisex frames at

  1. This maverick bold acetate Jim Parker 2109 Grey Matt Eyeglasses Grey/green Matt is subtly one of the best frames. The colour is earthy. The frame gives a rugged look.Unisex frames the latest eyeglasses collection-3
  2. The rimless Jim Parker Sf004 Red Eyeglasses Red/silver. Made of high quality steel with very sleek and slim design this is suitable for both men and women alike. You can explore the same frame in a variety colour. The frame is for those who want a modern yet clean look.Unisex frames the latest eyeglasses collection-4
  3. Uniquely design elongated rectangular shape Jim Parker 7023 Dark Brown Matt Eyeglasses Brown. Perfect for every outfit.                     Unisex frames the latest eyeglasses collection-5
  4. Retro style John Lennon frames Jim Parker 870 Gold Eyeglasses Gold/silver. Can give you the best look with tinted lenses in blue, light brown or even yellow.        Unisex frames the latest eyeglasses collection-6
  5. Beautiful and sophisticated design Jim Parker 6100 Black Matt Eyeglasses Black Matt. The frame with a clean and simple thin metal frame in titanium. Explore similar type of frames in stainless steel in a variety of shape, size and colour.      Unisex frames the latest eyeglasses collection-7

To explore more variation of Unisex frames log onto:

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