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Type of Lenses: Which one will work for you?

Does the quality of the type of lenses really, matter, while choosing eyeglasses online?

While buying eyeglasses online one should also have a clear knowledge about the type of lenses they are choosing. The lenses are an important component of your eyeglasses. They help you protect your vision and helps in correcting your vision acuity. Nevertheless, it is important to choose one that is perfect for you.

What type of lenses should you choose for your eyeglasses?

  • Polycarbonate: For people who are fairly active physically, probably involve in sports, driving, or any other such activities. Polycarbonate lenses are the best type of lenses for them. They are highly impact-resistant, durable and lightweight. Even for kids, they are the best. They will bear the brunt of their activities. Also, they have built-in UV protection, so enjoy the outdoors.Type of Lenses: Which one will work for you?-2
  • Trivex: Trivex are an advanced form of plastic lenses. Weightlessness, thin and durability are some of the resilient features of these lenses. Also, they provide exceptional vision correction for some people.Type of Lenses: Which one will work for you?-3
  • High-index plastic: People who require strong prescription should opt for these lenses. They are light in weight, resilient and thinner as per the level of the index. You will feel lighter in them.Type of Lenses: Which one will work for you?-4
  • Aspheric: There are varying degrees of curvature on the lenses. Thus, allowing a larger chunk of the lenses to be used for fitting it on the eyeglasses. The lenses are usually larger, thinner and flatter.Type of Lenses: Which one will work for you?-5
  • Photochromic: They work as a corrective lens indoors and provide sun protection outdoors. This means you don’t have to carry two different pair of eyewear. The lenses will automatically change its tint once sunlight falls on them. But you can wear them while driving as the tint will not change. This is because the glass of the windshield will block away the sunlight.
  • Type of Lenses: Which one will work for you?-7

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