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History of eyeglasses : The story of eyeglasses

Brief history of eyeglasses

History of Eyeglasses has done the rounds in the history of mankind since the time of the Romans. People have been using different materials such as quartz, emeralds, etc. Glass had been in use since the time of the Mesopotamian era. Until the 13th century, glasses were never used as lenses of eyeglasses. Various cultures have records of using optical enhancing materials to aid their sights. The first eyeglasses were invented in Italy. Probably this is the reason why Italian brands like Ray-Ban, Prada, Gucci, Emporio Armani, etc. rule the competitive market of eyeglasses.

History of eyeglasses
Personal Style Statement

History of Eyeglasses: A revolution in personal style

Eyeglasses are no longer a mere corrective lens stuck on one’s nose bridge to correct faulty eyesight. Time has gone by when glasses make you look grumpy and too serious. People avoided you because you look nerdy and boring. Nowadays, the designs of the eyeglasses are improved through the labor of people who have an unconventional approach to everything.

A glass now comes in various shape, sizes and color. Customized your Eyeglasses according to your personal style, taste, and preferences.

History of Eyeglasses: A journey to the runway

In this long history, eyeglasses have evolved from being a mere medical device to fashion accessories. Thanks to top-notch designers which pair their couture with glasses to tweak personalities. Major runway shows feature them often to highlight the aesthetic appeal as well as the functionality. Also more and people have started using non-prescription glasses to enhance their looks. They make it a personal style statement. Anyone can experiment with their looks and style with lots of brands and economically suitable options available.

Eyeglasses used to be a prescription only purchase in the early days. Today, we can purchase glasses even without a prescription. They are non-prescription glasses or clear glasses. They are a protective glasses. These glasses are often used while using the computer, or just to protect the eye from glares from the sun without blocking the light. The glasses protect eyes from harmful sun rays, pollution, etc.. It also keeps the eye cool. Popular brands like, Crizal, Zeiss, Corning, etc. are coated with AR or Anti-reflective coating which eliminates the reflective lights and complements sharper vision. It is also water and oil resistance which is why it makes it suitable for everyday use.

A lot of movie stars flash their clear glasses from time to time to show off their impromptu styles. These have insinuated into a fashion preference of the masses. A cult of the clear glass wearer has emerged and we can see them everywhere.

History of Eyeglasses: A story of Technical advancement

Modern technology has also contributed to making this basic human accessory a craft of science. Eyeglasses frame comes in a range of hypoallergenic and nickel-free metals. People with hypersensitive skin or with skin conditions can use it without any worries. Also, the frames are free from corrosion and contamination making it durable. Hence, eyeglasses are becoming revolutionary in style, strength, and durability.

Titanium Frame

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