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Telescopic contact lenses

Telescopic contact lenses to help people with age related vision problems

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Telescopic contact lenses :A new advancement in technology has led to the development of a telescopic lens which will improve poor vision due to advancing age. The new zoom able lenses are yet to enter clinical trials. But the developers are positive that their invention will provide an attractive option.

What is AMD?

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There are around 285 million people in the world suffering from serious problems, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is a painless eye condition that results in gradual loss of central vision.

Telescopic contact lenses

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The prototype of the telescopic contact lens has been develop since 2013. The lens material has been since then fine tuned by its developers to make it more comfortable for wearing them for a longer period of time. So, the designs are developed to be more attractive. These telescopic contact lenses are scleral lenses and are designed to treat a variety of eye conditions, many of which may not respond to other forms of treatment. They are usually larger and more rigid than many of the contact lenses available today. They are made from different pieces of precision cut plastic, aluminum mirrors and polarizing thin films glued together with a bio-glue.

Features of Telescopic contact lenses

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The lenses can magnify 2.8 times. The thickness is 1.55mm thick. It also has a very thin reflective telescope inside. The mirror inside the lens to reflect light, expand and magnify the viewed object. The view is almost like seeing through low magnifying binoculars.

Telescopic contact lenses; how it works?

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People suffering from macular degeneration gradually lose eyesight due to damage to the retina. The only available options are surgery or wear bioptic telescopes. The telescopic lenses will allow the wearers to switch from normal to magnify vision at a wink. But the lenses must be worn with a pair of electronic glasses to adjust the normal and magnified views. A wink with one eye switches the glasses to a polarised filter that will direct light to the telescopic part of the lenses. Another wink with the other eye switches the light passing through normally and shuts down the telescope.

What can Telescopic contact lenses do?

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These smart contact lenses will help measure medical problems. Some of these lenses will have built in sensors to measure eye pressure to keep check on glaucoma. Others will have sensors to measure blood sugar in diabetic patients.

The lenses are use to be far cheaper than the conventional methods available. But the breakthrough will help people with sight loss continue with their daily task such as driving, reading, cooking, etc. It will reduce dependability and give them a safer life.

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