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Take care of your eyes this summer

Take care of your eyes this summer

Eyecare tip this summer:  Summer is finally here.It is high time to ensure adequate measure to protect your eyes and take care of it.in summers, Your eyes have risk to UV exposure and other dangers which you are aware of.

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Sunglasses or Shades.

It is important to wear sunglasses during summers because they help us to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and harmful wind and dust.  If your Sunglass do not have 100 %  UV protected,  it may cause more harm than benefitting you. If you think that higher Sunglass Price give you more protection, you are totally wrong. Any glass that has UV protection can protect your eyes.

Hat or Cap

We all need Shades to protect the eyes, and sometime the sunglasses are also not enough to protect us.   When the heat is hard, always try to wear some hat or cap to get some shades.

Sun hat

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important for your eyes and skin too. Always drink adequate amount of water to prevent hydrated eyes and skin.

Stay hydrated this summer Stay hydrated this summer

Midday sun

If possible, avoid Midday sun.  During this time the sun and heat is at its peak , so always try to avoid . but if you need to go , wear polarised lens that can reduce such glare.

Well, dont forget to put on your sunscreen even around the eye. It is an essential necessity.

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