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Reason to wear sunglass

online shopping for sunglasses

Reason to wear sunglass. Why should you wear sunglass ? Why is it important. We wear sunscreen to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. Well ,the same goes with our eyes. We should protect it to maintain a good eye  health. Like the harmful rays  damage our skin, …

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Beauty and the Bold

beauty and the bold

Beauty and the Bold To be the beauty and the bold. The look of a person is always the first thing that amuse people.  Well, add more beauty to your look by wearing the stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Zerox 3023 The bold and classic, eyeglasses that catch the attention by just …

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Kendall Genner Style

Kendall Jenner and Her Eyeglasses : Who do not know the 19 year old super model, Kendall Jenner. The gorgeous lady walked in famous fashion shows and even in the Victoria secret model.  Never forget to flaunt her fans with style and Fashion.  Born in 1995, she is bless with …

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World Most Stylish Grandpa

Most stylish man fashion

Have you all heard of the world most stylish Grandpa? You guys must have heard of the fashionable Grandpa’s but lets talk about the most fashionable grandpa who is 104 years old. He is 104 years old and he is more fashionable then any of us.  Günther Krabbenhöft is officially …

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Eyeglasses that Reveal

Eyeglass that reveals

Eyeglasses that Reveal When we talk about eyeglasses that reveal, Eyeglasses is the first thing that impress people. It defines your personality of a person. It will make people talk about your style from the first impression. This eyeglass  is one thing that represents your style icon. This eyeglass below …

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International women’s Day 2017

International womens day

International Women’s Day The International Women’s Day 2017 is celebrating with the theme ” #BeBoldForChange”. Like every year, the International Women’s Day will be celebrated on 8th of march 2017. The theme of this year is #BeBoldForChange. This is kept to make women stronger and bold. Last year people around …

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Kids glasses online

Kids eyeglasses online

Kids glasses online: Talking about kids glasses, an easy solution for the most common problem is,  if You have children and they need prescription glasses,  it can horrifying task to make them wear or choose glasses. Most kids do not like wearing glasses for the fear of bring teased, and …

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Blake lively with sunglasses

Feature image

Have you seen Blake lively with sunglasses looking more glamorous than ever? Blake lively with sunglasses : Gossip girls beau, Blake lively with glasses killing every look that she carries. She knows exactly which glass to pick for the outfit that she wears. Making it sure that the outfit and …

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Superb sunglasses for your face shape

Superb sunglasses for your face shape

Superb sunglasses for your face shape , Talk sunglasses!! When we talk about superb sunglasses for your face shape, Who better to look towards for inspiration than our favorite stunner shade wearing, paparazzi blocking celebrities. As we know, your face shape determines what style compliments you most Mica Munis, Leighton …

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