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Style with Sunglasses : Add a flavour to your look


Style with sunglasses Talking about Style with sunglasses, Beauty lies in simplicity: a good style and good quality is what you need. Sunglasses are not only for protecting the eye from the sun or to shied your swollen red eye. They are also used as a Fashion Icon.  Eyedo has the …

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Spring styled sunglasses

Spring styled sunglasses-1

Why should you wear sunglasses? Spring is already here. It is time to enjoy the warm sun and outdoors. Going outdoors also mean you are being exposed to the sun more often than you do. You can protect your body from sun with clothes. You apply SPF rich products to …

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Sunglasses Lenses: A Technological Headway


Sunglasses and sunglasses lenses Sunglasses lenses are a product of development in optics, surface chemistry. Metallurgy and many others, including fashion and trend. They are not only a means of protecting eyes. A great image enhancer for many of us. Current designs of sunglasses are a reflection of this status. …

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