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Sunglasses shapes for men

The Prefect look ! Sunglasses shape for men.

We see a lot of faces every day, but probably have not paid much attention to their shapes. There is no harm in not knowing them. But if you are planning to purchase a sunglass definitely a rough idea of your own face shape will help you select the best frame. Here are certain tips or rather you can say an unannounced rule you can follow.

  1. Round face: Round face has the same width and length. There are no prominent angles or curves. The cheekbones are wider with an equally wide forehead and jaw. To give a little edge, angles are important. Square or rectangular sunglasses shapes will work best for this type of face. Pay attention to proportions. Try balancing the frame size with your features. Very little sunglasses, even if rectangular or square, will make a round face appear larger or even rounder.
    Sunglasses shapes for men-1
    Sunglasses shape for round face
  2. Heart-shaped face:  

    This type of face resembles a triangle in shape. The face is wider around the forehead than the chin or vice versa. It is recommended to find sunglasses that will complement the similar shape of your face. For men with wider forehead and thinner chin, an aviator is one shape that will compliment your face. Another option is the retro cat-eye sunglasses shape. For men with tapering forehead, a club master with broader or highlighted bridge works best.

    Sunglasses shapes for men-2
    Sunglasses shapes for heart shape face
  3. Square face:

    A square face is somewhat similar to a round face with equal width and length of the face. A square face has angular lines widening at the cheekbones, forehead, and jaw, giving the face a strong oblique look. Curvy sunglasses shapes should complement this type of face quite well. They tend to even out the hard angles and features. A man might not be concerned about softening his facial features like a woman, but he might not either want to look all squared. A rounder thinner frame would work best. Also, ensure that the width of the frame is slightly larger than your cheekbones. Aviators, modified wayfarers, thin rim club masters and cat eyes for men will work best for this face shape.

  4. Sunglasses shapes for men-3
    Sunglasses shape for square face
  5. Oval faces: Of all the facial shape it is the most versatile shape. The face slightly widens up at the cheekbones and gently narrows down at the forehead and jaw. Frame shapes like square, round, aviator style or over-sized sunglasses shapes all go with this face shape. Just remember not to overdo or use frames, which are too overpowering for your facial features.
    Sunglasses shapes for men-4
    Sunglasses shapes for oval face
  6. Oblong face: An oblong face as the name suggest has a longer length than the width of the face. Also, a typical feature is a long straight cheek line with a long nose. The frame should give width to your face. Oval and round sunglasses shapes will work best for these features.
    Sunglasses shapes for men-5
    Sunglasses shapes for oblong face
  7. Diamond face: The rarest form of facial shapes. The eye-line and the jaw-lines are narrow with broad dramatic cheekbones. To soften the cheekbones go for frames with details or enhance colours around the brow-lines. Cat-eye, oval or rimless sunglasses shapes will best suit this facial shape.
    Sunglasses shapes for men-6
    Sunglasses shapes for diamond face

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