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Round glasses: What comes around goes around?

Round glasses instills the vintage look

Round glasses are revamped with a new look. These frames are classic, vintage and absolutely cool. The shape may be an inspiration from the yesteryears but the look is definitely modern. Men and women with a high sense of style should have these frames. A must have fashion staple for every day and the other special occasion.

Which round glasses are in trend?

Wondering how old can be trendy. It is rightly said what comes around goes around. And now is the time of style comebacks from yesteryears. Vintage frame designs, shape and structure. They are inspiring the theme and ideas of the major fashion trends. What’s best about them is the classiness and sharpness it adds to your looks. Gathering few of the round eyeglasses styles, below are some frames to watch out.

  • Round vintage: Looks more like the primitive eyeglasses with rounded rim and clean bridge and temples. The eyeglasses come with a matt finish to give you smooth appearance. This is the modern twist to this very classic frame.

Round glasses: What comes around goes around?-2

  • Round Bold: This round frame comes with bold rim and broad temples. Highlight the bold side of your style with this sturdy frame. Golden bridge and temple can add elegance. The rim comes in intense dark brown look.

Round glasses: What comes around goes around?-3

  • Round Prints: The frame is made from Titanium. It is very light in weight and durable. An over layer of tortoise shell printed plastic covers the rim. It comes with Matt finish giving a very posh look.

 Round glasses: What comes around goes around?-4

  • Round Machine-driven: The name just relates to the metallic finish look, the frame instills. With clearly visible joints and hinge. The temple comes with elaborate metal design. It adds a very vintage look. The colour of the frame also exudes the same with dark wine red and copper gold metal bridge and temple.

Round glasses: What comes around goes around?-5

  • Round Imperial: The imperial styled eyeglasses can give you a sharp, stylish look that will help you stand out. The frame comes in vintage gold and brown Havana colour. This is sure an eye popping piece of accessory.

Round glasses: What comes around goes around?-6

To explore more styles of round eyeglasses and sunglasses: log onto www.eyedo.in/round.html

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