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Prescription Eyeglasses 2017: The New Fashion Season

Prescription Eyeglasses 2017: What’s on trend?

Prescription Eyeglasses 2017 trends are changing fast like any other fashion element. But with newer and better technology in hand there are numerous styles and trends that is making headway. Designs change and newer trends starts in, 2017 is no different. We will see a lot of new changes and a lot of newer and popular styles taking places of the older ones. The styles will definitely covers the trends of frames from street to celeb styles.

What trend sets in Prescription Eyeglasses 2017?

Transparent Frames

Transparent frames are hot piece of cake in 2017. They have been part of major runway shows. You can discover oversize clear frames in tint of different colour. It is a mix of vintage and retro. These frames calls for a great attitude to wear them and flaunt them. This is an on-trend. Don’t be left behind.

They are stylish and instill a creative edge to your appearance.

Transparent eyeglasses

Cat Eye Glasses

The women’s frame style is among the hot favorite in prescription eyeglasses 2017. They exemplify the spirit and style of the 50’s. Representing the powerful style statement of the women of today. The frames can be worn by woman of any age. A fierce style for the woman who does. Power women’s have made it their style now you can make it yours too. These vintage frames will make your style rock. The modern look for the superwoman of today.

Cat eyeglasses




Another trend that is going to pick up its peak is Tortoiseshell frames. They are a cool quotient this season. Ranging from round, oval to rectangle, they are a must have. There variations of colour available from reddish brown to dark brown. Find yourself a pair which will perfectly match with your face, skin tone and hair colour. Man and woman can try out different styles. These frames will bring out the natural colour of your eyes.

Tortoishell eyeglasses

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