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Picking glasses: What older woman should pick?

Picking glasses for older woman

Picking glasses once you cross a certain age needn’t be doomed with the choice of selecting a few bifocals. Especially older woman. You can actually shave off a few years by picking glasses of a certain colour and shape. It doesn’t matter what age are you a right frame can altogether alter your looks.

What to look while picking glasses for older woman?

So, here are few things that can be considered while picking glasses for older woman.

Rimless frames are perfect if at all, you don’t want anyone to notice them. They are very effective in warding off the attention of the frame. Also, they will clear off and blend perfectly with your face.


But if you are particular about the trend, then not to worry. Nerdy glasses are very much in. And nothing can perfectly contrast with your look than a dark bold frame. Your look also instantly changes flattering your appearance and making you look younger.


Also, make sure you have at least three pair of glasses to pick from. Why? Because work, domestic and after work lives demands a different look and feel altogether. Looking fresh after work is a key to rein still the freshness. The fresher you look, the better you will be able to conceal your age. And why not wear a different look for different occasion.

Picking glasses: What older woman should pick?


Now coming to the colours. Age doesn’t mean giving away with your favorite colour. Choose the colour that sits perfectly with your skin tone and hair. Avoid multi-colour plastic frames. Choose flattering colour like copper brown, burgundies, tortoiseshell and gold. They always work well with any face.

Picking glasses: What older woman should pick?

Shape is another important aspect you need to consider while picking glasses. It will depend upon the shape of your face. Square face goes for round and round should choose Rectangle or Cateye frames. Also make sure to go for a hairstyle that accentuate your face. Once everything is in place, put on the best smile, a happy face always adds a charm.

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