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How to find the perfect glasses frame size?

Simple hacks to find the perfect glasses frame size

You need perfect glasses frame size to get great vision acuity, comfort and enhance your look overall. Eyeglasses particularly needs to measure up to your face.

Now when you buy glasses from a traditional store you definitely get to try one. But when you buy online it is not possible. How can you now buy a perfect glasses frame even without trying?

It is not impossible you just need to be aware of a few simple basics about eyeglasses. You can take a reference from the image below.

How to find the perfect glasses frame size?-2

  • The portion mark as “A” is the lens width. This is the portion of the frame where the lenses will rest on your face.
  • The portion mark as “B” is bridge width. This portion rest on the bridge of your nose. This will hold your frame in place.
  • The last portion is mark as “C”. This is the length of the temple of the frame. This portion will rest on your ears.

All these three measurement should fit your face otherwise the frame will either pinch you on your face or slide off.

What constitute a perfect glasses frame size?

Most of the frames will have a set of three numbers. Such as in this image 54-20-145. 54 stands for the lens width, 20 the bridge width and 145 the temple length. For frame shapes like Rectangle, Oval, Wayfarer, Aviator, etc., frame sizes above 54mm lens width will be considered as Large. Lens width between 50mm to 53mm lens widths is medium size. And lens width less than 50mm.

How to find the perfect glasses frame size?-3


This is different for a round eyeglasses frame. There is always a leeway of 1mm or 2mm for all the different sizes.

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We will cover up sunglasses on our next blog.

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