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January, 2017

  • 17 January

    Jim Parker collection- The Classic


    Say Hello to the Classic Jim Parker collection The classic Jim Parker Collection just for you.  This collection of glasses is for your whole family, from the Grandparents to the youngest Kid.  The classic design elements on trend different collection . It is available in different color effect, shape , sizes …

  • 15 January

    Windsor Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses of the Legends

    Windsor Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses of the Legends

    Windsor Eyeglasses: Make it your style Windsor eyeglasses have been popular since the 1880’s when it was introduced. It still remains as one of the most widely admired frames of all time. Though a tough style to carry around. This eyeglasses style has been made legendary by some of eminent …

  • 13 January

    Embrace Winter with Zero X Eyewear

    Embrace Winter with ZeroX Eyewear

    Embrace Winter with Zero X  Eyewear Falling inlove is easy as falling for  Zero X  Eyewear . Inspired by the latest collection of colourful and Classic vintage, these frames are the perfect collection of  winter style and modern flair. The best kind of eyeglasses collection are the genderless glasses where …

  • 10 January



    METAL EYEGLASSES: A CLASS APART Metal eyeglasses frames are back again to hit the glamour world with a vengeance. Though Plastic frames have gain so much popularity in recent times due to cheaper prices and longevity of the material. But, things has change around a bit. Now you can buy …

  • 8 January

    Eyeglasses Part: The beauty lies in the details

    Guide to buy Sunglasses

    Eyeglasses Part: The intriguing details of the frame Eyeglasses part have never been anyone’s attention to. But most brands and high end designer glasses plays it well with its parts. This is what makes them special. With intricate designs and patterns engrave on this parts it accentuates and uplift the …

  • 3 January

    Proper fitting eyewear: Tailor made for your face

    Proper fitting eyewear: Find the perfect fit Proper fitting eyewear are a great means to look great. Just clothes ill fit means a shabby and cluttered look. Hope no one wants to attain a meek look with any attire or accessory they put on. That’s why we bring up a …

  • 1 January

    New Year Celebration

    New Year Celebration

    Brief History of New Year Celebration. Everyone has different kind of celebrating New Year.  But have you ever wondered how the celebration of it came into being?. It is belief that the celebration came into being from Mesopotamia in 2000 B.C and was celebrated around the time of Vernal Equinox, in …

December, 2016

  • 30 December

    Who Wore the Glasses Better?

    Who Wore it Better

    Who wore Glasses better? Selena Gomes or Megan Fox? Selena Marie Gomes commonly known as Selena Gomes born in Texas on 22nd July. She is a Singer Cum Actress, her first Show was Barney and Friends. Winning many award for both singing and acting career. Her contribution toward the social work …

  • 23 December

    Eye Health: Carrot

    Talking about Eye health, Why is Carrot Good for the eye. Myth and history always has a rumor that Carrot is good for the eye but are you aware that it is true? It contain Beta-carotene , a type of Vitamin A that gives these foods their orange hue. It …

  • 16 December

    Relieve your eyes from strain- Tips on how to keep your eyes healthy

    Relieve your eyes from strain- Tips on how to keep your eyes healthy

    Relieve your eyes strain:  The world of Mobile and Digital Devices, Many of us has the habit of staring at our phone regularly or we are compel to sit and work in the computer everyday which leads to eye strain. The ray of light from the screen give lot of …