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Ordering eyeglasses online; What to look for?

Basics when you are ordering eyeglasses online

Frame size: Size Thus matters anything that doesn’t fit will make you look shabby. And it holds true not only for your clothes but for your eyeglasses too. Your eyeglasses should fit you perfectly. Even if you have selected the best of designs, but if it didn’t fit perfectly it would not give you a perfect look you desired for. The important things that you need to consider while ordering eyeglasses online are the lens size, bridge, and the temple length.

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Frame size

The right shape for the right face:   The right shape for the right face: Wearing the right shape of eyeglasses will enhance your look. So select wisely the eyeglass frame. A perfect eyeglass will hide away your imperfections and flatter your features. Check out the facial shape guide for ordering eyeglasses online.frame-shape-and-face-shape

The eyeglass should reflect your personality: 

The eyeglass should reflect your personality: Choosing the right shape and size will enhance your look. While choosing a prescription eyeglass that matches your personality will add a dimension to your overall appearance. You can choose bold plastic frames which will make you look young and energetic. Whereas a sleek Titanium or rimless frame will give you a clean and sophisticated look. Or you can try on frames in blends of materials like steel and acetate. They will give you the classic 50’s look without compromising on the trends and styles.

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Eyeglasses reflecting your personality

Look out till you drop: While ordering eyeglasses online keep on looking for the ultimate frame. It may be a frame you always wanted or the ones that are latest on trend or the one your favorite movie stars wears. Keep on looking until you drop and find out the one you truly wanted.

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Looking out

Understanding your prescription: If you have a prescription, you ought to know it. This will help in selecting the correct lens materials. Also, understanding the prescription will ensure you will enter the correct information while ordering eyeglasses online. Choosing the type of lenses will be easier as you would know in advance what type of lens you need either a single vision or multi-focal. There are lens coatings available such as UV or AR coatings. Knowing the prescription need and matching it with your lifestyle can help you in deciding if you need any added coatings on the lenses.

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Eyeglass prescription

Measure your Pupillary Distance:  When you are ordering eyeglasses online, you need to know your Pupillary distance to get the lenses fitted correctly into your eyeglasses. It is the distance between the pupils of your eyes, and often your doctor will not mention it on the prescription. So, on your next visit make sure you insist on mentioning them on your prescription.

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Choose a Lens material that will accompany you:

As much as the eyeglasses material is important your lens materials are important too. Usually, there are three basic lens materials for most prescription eyeglasses. But all have different usage and price as well. The most common material is plastic lenses. It is prescribed to people with a light prescription. They are prescribed to people with a corrective lens up to -/+ 1.75 diopters. They are nominal in price. Then you have the polycarbonate which is also called high-impact resistant lenses. They are usually prescribed to people with an active lifestyle or activities such as children, athletes, etc. They are good for a prescription up to +/- 4.00 diopters.

Ordering eyeglasses online; What to look for?-6
Eyeglasses lenses

Lastly, high index lenses. They are usually prescribed to people with high prescriptions above +/- 4.00 diopters but also want to maintain their look. They are thinnest and lightest of all the materials which are why it is prescribed to higher prescriptions.


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