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New Frames: Things you need to find in them

New Frames: Look for Comfort and Fit

New frames needs to match up your style need as well as your vision need. Below are few things that should be taken into consideration while choosing an eyeglass frame.

A perfect fit frame should sit perfectly over the nose. Saying this the bridge, hinge and temple all should be of the right measurement. None of these parts of the frame should pinch on your face or ear or nose. The rim of the frame should extend slightly farther than your face. It will ensure that they do not pinch on the sides of the head.

New Frames: Things you need to find in them

The temple should be long enough. Each frame is designed differently so it may happen that some frame have shorter temples. The measurement of the frame is equally important as that of the design. The ends of the temple of a comfortable frame should rest over the ears. They should not press down on the ears.

New Frames: Things you need to find in them

The nose pad of the frame should secure the position. The eyeglasses should slide away from the nose. Even if you choose a frame without the nose pad they should rest properly. Those silicon pads can well be adjusted, but frames without them cannot be adjusted so need to choose a perfect size.

Whenever you try on a new frame always move your head up and down, and bend over to ensure that the glasses remains in place comfortably.

New Frames: Durability is a mustNew Frames: Things you need to find in them

The first thing you look out for new frames is usually because the old one is broken or has gone out of fashion. Durability is something you need to consider and is a must for your new frames. At least they should last long enough for the amount you paid. Though the wear and tear will depend upon the usage. You can go for Titanium, Stainless steel and Acetate frames. These materials are stronger and durable. They do not break easily, corrodes or causes allergies.

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