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Men’s Eyeglasses Frames: When Style is a Must

Men’s Eyeglasses Frames: Comfort plus style

Men’s eyeglasses frames selection has been always based on the level of comfort it will provide. For some men they cannot abandon comfort for style. Their frames should provide comfort, perfect fit and as well be resilient.

Classic shapes and a blend of modern styles marks the Men’s eyeglasses frames. Unusual colours and tints highlights the frames still maintaining the masculine shapes and edges.

Aviator frames and double bridge eyewear are back again, but in all new original colours. The plastic frames of the 70’s are out and more sophisticated metal frames are in.

What is in Fashion? Five Trends in Men's Eyeglasses Frames

Oversize bold frames are gaining more popularity with men. These kind of eyeglasses goes well with their masculine larger body and face shape. Men with smaller face shape or body type still has to stick with petite frames as they won’t go well with them.

Rimless and half-rim are for the modern metrosexual men. They instill a minimalist see through look. The eyeglasses with almost negligible amount of screws and wires gives a refreshing look.  To gain more visible look they can combine the frame with anti-reflective lenses.

What is in Fashion? Five Trends in Men's Eyeglasses Frames

Titanium frames are among the most popular with men. This flexible frame material is high on utility and also in style. Being a premium metal, they are super light, skin friendly, durable and way forward stylish. See below who says Titanium frames are boring.

What is in Fashion? Five Trends in Men's Eyeglasses Frames

For men who want a younger, a little hip or retro style, they can choose plastic frames. They are light in weight, comfortable and are available pop colour. A wide variety of bold frames inspire by the 50’s are also available. Laminates of plastic in myriads of colour over other metals like steel, Titanium, etc. are also available in modern designs. They instill a unique snazzy look.


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