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Lightweight Frames: The lighter the better

Lightweight frames the need of the hour

Lightweight frames are the latest fad in fashion. They are extremely comfortable and meets the demands of modern day lifestyle. Various style of frames come in different materials so you can choose one according to your lifestyle and activities. Apart from it different materials comes with their unique features. Consider them and select your frame accordingly.

What types of lightweight frames are best?

Choosing a right frame is always crucial to get the best look and comfort. Here are few features of frames made from different material which can actually help you decide which one is best for you.

Aluminum Frames: Aluminum are very durable and lightweight. It is a ductile material hence different shapes can be molded. Most of the high end designer label sells aluminum frames. Because they are strong, last longer and non-corrosive.

Lightweight Frames: The lighter the better

Ultem Frames: Ultem is a type of thermoplastic. They are heat resistant, flexible and lightweight. If you are choosing eyeglasses frame for kids or elders they are the best materials. Also, they are lot more cheaper than any other materials.

Lightweight Frames: The lighter the better


Titanium Frames: It is a lustrous metal having its own sheen and glitz. Titanium is high non-corrosive, impact resistant and very ductile. A perfect material to mold the most stylish frames, whether eyeglasses or sunglasses. They made into extremely lightweight frames. Not only do they make the best eyewear material but they extremely skin friendly. For people with highly sensitive skin they are the best material to use for frames.

Lightweight Frames: The lighter the better

TR Frames: TR is a type of thermoplastic which is very light in weight and flexible as well. The best part of the material is that they retain their original shape. Frames made from TR are high impact resistant. Making it the most impeccable material for eyeglasses and sunglasses. Also they are comparatively cheaper than any other materials.
Lightweight Frames: The lighter the better

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