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Eye health: Keep your eyes healthy

Eye health: Keep your eyes healthy

Eye health is mandatory. Maintaining our eyes is very important. We do not really put much interest our eye, if we have any problem, we just use eye drop and ignore going to the doctors but we should not ignore the fact that our eyes are the window to our soul.  Our eyes are very important part of our body. we should take care of it. Well, not only to see but also it is very attractive part of our body.Eye health: Keep your eyes healthy


Girls love to wear makeup! but you should be careful of what you are wearing. There are many kinds of make up this day and some are harmful to out eyes and skin. If you are not careful of what you use, you might lose your eyesight forever.


Always be careful when you get a lens. There are a lot of lens quality and brand in the industry. But we have to know which one is good and original.  A lot of people have allergic to lenses, especially if the lenses are not of good quality it will cause blindness and eye infection.

Eyedrops and ointment

Eyedrops and ointments do help us in relieving our pain and infection but if you are not going use the right product, you will end up getting worst.

Glasses and sunglasses

Make sure that your sunglasses have 100% UVA and UVB protection. These eyeglasses also protect you from your digital devices and lightning which harm your eyes.  If you wear one, make sure you have the right precaution.


Homemade Remedy for Fresh and healthy eyes

If you want to cool down your eyes or get rid of the dark circle or redness, you can get the remedy right in your kitchen.

Cucumber and Tomato help’s in cooling the eyes and reduce the burning and redness. It also helps to remove dark circle.

If you are a Green tea lover, You need not have to waste the Green tea bag after soaking it. It is helpful to apply the cold used tea bag in your eye.




Eye health: Keep your eyes healthy


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