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How to make your child want to wear eyeglasses?

How to make your child want to wear eyeglasses?

Let our Child wear eyeglasses without any hazzle. Children look very cute in eyeglasses. At the same time making your child wear eyeglasses is no cheerful reason to celebrate. It is actually a challenging task for the parents to make their young one wear them. The idea of your child wear eyeglasses is a hard fact to accept as it actually translates into ‘fault with their vision.’

So, the first thing that all parents should achieve is acceptance of the fact that eyeglasses are for correcting the child’s vision. The rest will be few easy steps that will help over-come your own apprehensions and help your child embrace the new development.

How to make your child want to wear eyeglasses?-

Easy ways to make your child want to wear eyeglasses

How to make your child want to wear eyeglasses?-2

  • First, we need to acknowledge that children will never do anything on their own. They have to be tricked into it. Same goes when they need to wear eyeglasses. Allow them to help understand the benefits of wearing them. Talking out will ensure you and your child are on the same page. Also, it will allow your child to open up about any of their doubts and fears.
  • Take references of their grandparents or favorite aunts, uncles, etc. with eyeglasses to emphasize how these people wear eyeglasses to enhance their vision. You can even pick up characters from their favorite cartoons shows or movies.
  • Include your child throughout the process of selecting the eyeglasses. This will help them feel they are part of it and instill excitement to wear eyeglasses. You don’t always have to allow them to choose all of it. You can first make your choice and select few out of which you can ask your child to choose from. This will keep your budget intact and choose the best product for your child without compromising on the quality of the product.
  • Always go for playful colours and prints. Your child will love to wear eyeglasses often if it is according to their liking. Picking the perfect pair is important for your Childs overall appearance and its functionality. Ill fitting eyeglasses will be a deterrent to your child. Make the purchase a fun exercise and give plenty of time to search for it. You can even buy kids glasses online.

Points to be kept on mind.

  • Always ensure you purchase an extra pair. It may well serve as a back-up pair or for dressing down. It will help your child wear eyeglasses even when they are out of school and home.
  • Show appreciation to your child every time they wear eyeglasses without your supervision or on how great they look each time they wears them. Allow them to spend time in front of the mirror with the glasses on. Let them examine or experiment about their appearance. Help them dress up in different ways to look better with the glasses. Load them with compliments to boost their ego.
  • Make your child aware that the glasses are their accessories and their responsibility. Ownership and responsibility will help your child to be careful with them.
  • Do not project your own feelings and experience to your child. It is going to be an emotional journey for all parents to let their child wear eyeglasses. It will be disruptive for you to see eyeglasses on the face of your little ones at the beginning. Don’t let such feelings surface in front of your child. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to glue those glasses on your child’s face later on.
  • Talk to your friends, families and even teachers to let them know of your Childs prescription. Involving them will ensure that your child wear eyeglasses when they should be wearing them.

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