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How to choose eyeglasses online?

Choosing eyeglasses online is not an easy task. Here are certain things everyone can implement to make the purchase experience smooth.

What to look online?

First, be sure of what you are looking for when you are planning to buy eyeglasses online? Decide, what you want? Not deciding on your need and will let you stray on a web page for the useless amount of time. If there is any particular brand, you wish for, only visit the site which has the brand. Remember time is the clue and you might even find the best deals. If you can land up on the right page at the right time, the right product will be yours.

Choosing eyeglasses online

What details are required for buying eyeglasses online?

Knowing yourself will help you learn about the type of frames and lens that will suit you. The three components of the structure; eye size, bridge size, and temple size should be the exact match as yours. Otherwise, it will slide or be too tight. Also, learn about your Pupillary Distance (PD) to choose the right corrective lenses. This is simply the distance between the pupils of your eyes. Most ophthalmologists do not disclose this information in their prescription. Insist on providing this information next time you visit your doctor. Choose eyeglasses online by reading carefully through the details of the product. They state all essential features and information to help you make your buying decision. If you are still in doubt take help from customer service to get more information.

Types of eyeglasses

Choose the right frame according to your face type. The purpose of the structure should be to enhance your personality. Here is something which might help you. If you are looking for prescription glasses, you need to know the type of lens you need. This will ensure you find the right lens material. Also, you will be able to fill in the correct prescribing information.

How to fill in prescription while buying eyeglasses online?

Choose the right lens material according to your prescription and lifestyle. There are three basic lens materials for prescription eyewear; Plastic Lens, Polycarbonate Lens and High Index 1.67. The plastic lens is the primary lens and cheaper and is a light prescription. Polycarbonate lens is high-resistant lenses suitable for children, athletes and people with active lifestyles. High Index is only recommended for people with high prescription and it is costlier. It is also necessary to understand your prescription information. Here are the terms you need to fill in online;

OD: It means right eye.
OS: Means Left eye.
DV: It is mainly for far or distance vision. If the lens is bifocal DV means what is to be placed in the top segment of the lens.
NV: It is for near vision. It may be used as a single-vision lens such as reading glasses. It may also be used as a bifocal lens and a progressive lens where near vision power is added to the spherical power of the eye.

Eyeglasses prescription

Lastly, always ensure to get a detailed receipt of the purchase. If there is any problem with the product you can always return or replace using it and also the good news is some medical insurance covers for prescription eyeglasses.

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