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Glasses of the month: JP Brown Havana Eyeglasses

The wow glasses of the month.

Jim Parker S 1245 Brown Havana Eyeglasses has been chosen as the Glasses  of the month.  It is the same frame that the beau Kate Winslet wore it at the Oscar 2016. The Oscar winning Actress has also starred in ‘Little Children,’ ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Mildred Pierce’. She tends to shine and has been a role model for many. She has also many awards and recognition.

Kate Winslet’s style journey has certainly been a Revolutionary Road. Her sensibility on Fashion and style brings in many followers and fan. She puts a glow to everything she touches. She won lots of fashion praise for this scarlet. Her appearance to Oscar award 2016 made a presence. Her glasses with her elegant black gown and free soft curl hair makes it the talk of the town. Who says Glasses can kill the vibes of an elegant gown? Why don’t you try Kate’s glasses and slay off your outfit?

Many people avoid glasses because they are often called Nerds. On any of your special occasion you can still team your dresses with an elegant and sexy glasses. All you need to do is get the right frames on!


Kate in glasses

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