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Glass Measurement : How to measure your eyeglasses.

Glass Measurement : How to measure your eyeglasses.

Worrying about your Glass Measurement?

Have you ever wondered how to measure your eyeglasses? . When you purchase a new pair of eyeglass, Specially when ordering online. Most of the time, the size is written on the side of the temple area but sometime you don’t get it.

So let me guide you with how to to find your perfect glasses blindly. Just kidding, not blindly but with less hazzle.

You will get to know howto easily measure your eyeglasses.  Eyeglasses frame differs from face to face, so finding the accurate one depends on the face shape and size.

How to measure your Eyeglass


Frame Measurement

1. The Frame Width:

This measures the horizontal size measures the front frame area. Extending from furthermost ends on both sides.

2. The Lens Height:

The lens height is its vertical height.

3.The Frame Temple:

The Temples connect to the front on both sides of the frame and sits behind the ears.

4.Nose Bridge:

This is the Place that passes across nose bridge. It is also called the nose bridge.

5. Lens Width.

It covers the horizontal diameter of each lens.

And if you are already an eyeglass  user, you mist be aware of some number endross on your temple arm that mention three frame region sizes.

For example, You see numbers like 43-16-140, Then your glass size is: 43mm lens width, 16mm bridge width and 140 temple arm length.

When Numbers are not mentioned on your temple arms, you can measure it yourself by following the steps and guides below by using a millimeter(mm) scale/ruler, or measuring tape.

The frame width:

Measure the eyeglass horizontally front of frame that sticks out on its sides.

Nose bridge: Measure morizontally from one end to the other at the top of bridge.

Lens Height: Measure lens vertically at the highest point . Height must be 30 mm for progressive /bifocal prescription.

Lens width: The lens should be horizontally measured at the widest point. IT must faciliatate pupillary distance, so the eyes align with optical center.

Temple Arm: Measure it where arm connect to the front all the way to where it ends around your ears to get the size of the temple i mm.

Frame Size Range:

Extra Small : Less than 125 mm

Small: 126 mm:130 mm

Medium: 131mm :135 mm

Large : 135mm :140 mm

Extra large: Greater than 140 mm

When you are done with your measurement: buy your heart loving frame by logging into and get the fashionably sophisticated eyewear online.



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