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Eyeglasses frame material: Discover frame style

Experiment with your look with different eyeglasses frame material

Eyeglasses frame material provide great options to experiment with different looks. While shopping online for new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Check out for variety. Discover colors, durability, lightness, popular brands, hypoallergenic materials, unique designs and also price.

In fact, finding a right pair of eyeglasses with the right quality can be simplified. Just choose the right frame material because each type has its own unique features.

Plastic frame material

If you want colourful frames then go for cellulose acetate. It is a form of high grade plastic. Very strong and durable. Also, very light in weight. There are different type of plastic material available. The most popular being Acetate, followed by TR, TR-90, Ultem, nylon, polycarbonate and many more. All this materials are all resistant to high impacts. They do not break easily. They are best for an active lifestyle or for people who are fairly active. Also, they form the best eyeglasses material for children.

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Metal frame material

A broad range of mixture of metals known as Monel are the latest in eyeglass material. Usually they are easily malleable and are corrosion free. Best feature of this material are hypoallergenic, lightweight and durability.

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Monel frame material are best for people with sensitive skin. Among the most popular material are Titanium and Beta-Titanium frames. They are extremely light in weight and durable. Also, they are corrosion free and high impact resistant. This makes them the most reliable frame material. They are even used in medical implants and space technology. Though Titanium is usually a silver-grey colour certain coatings of can create a range of colour.

Stainless steel are another alternative to titanium frames. They are also light weight, low toxicity and are durable. Many of the stainless steel frames usually are nickel-free and thus hypoallergenic. They are cheaper than Titanium and are as strong as it. Excellent resistant to corrosion, heat and scratch free.

So, if you are looking for a change or are searching for a new style select a frame material that will provide you the comfort and style at the best affordable price.

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