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Eyes – Fun Facts

Eyes – Fun Facts

Our eyes allow us to see some extraordinary things in the world. It is the most fascinating part of our body and all animals make use of it every day to get past the day. In fact, did you know that it is the 2nd most complex part of our body after our brain? Yes. that’s right!

Through them we are able to distinguish between shapes and colours. In fact it even lets us judge people on the basis of their looks. As someone correctly said- “The eyes are the windows to the soul”.  But, how much do we know about them? Let’s find out and expand our knowledge base about eyes!

Here’s a list of 10 interesting, fun and mind boggling facts about our eyes!

  1. Our eyes usually perceive the world upside down. So basically the computer screen you are reading this blog on is perceived to be upside down by your it! It is our brain that corrects the image. So, basically we see with our brains and not with our eyes. This functions like a camera that captures the image and our brain flips the image and analysis the data.
How our eyes see objects
How our eyes see objects.

2. The muscle in your eye is the fastest muscle in the body. Your eyes react the fastest to any action. No wonder people often say, “in a blink of an eye!”.

3.  For all those of you out there who feel that you have perfect vision, you are in for some disappointment because 20/20 does not mean that you have perfect vision!  It just means that you can see up to 20 feet clearly. In fact 20/20 is normal vision; meaning that on an average, every individual is able to see this much.

Eye chart
Eye chart

4. Brown is the most common eye colour in the world. If on the other hand you have blue eye colour then you are ancestrally related to someone who also has blue eyes! Which actually means that if you have blue eye colour then you could be related to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!

5. Cornea is the only transparent tissue in your body. It is the only tissue that does not contain any blood vessels.

6. Cataract is an old age condition. As one gets old, everyone gets Cataract. Some people get it earlier than others but it is inevitable. But, do not get disheartened because you can prolong it getting to you by taking care of your eyes.

7. 80% of vision problems are curable. This is because our eyes heal very fast.

8. Eyes usually water  themselves when they are dry. What’s more is that the tears formed due to crying, yawning or due to some irritation are all different! If you ever see compare the composition and shape of your tears while crying and yawning you would see the difference.

Eyes watering
Eye watering itself

9. Doctors have still not been able to discover eye ball transplantation. When you donate your eye it is usually only the cornea of your eye that gets transplanted.

10. Finally, new born kids do not produce tears! It is shocking as they are crying all the time but it is true. They just make crying sounds but do not produce tears until they are at least 4-6 weeks old. If you do not belive me then take a look at the picture below!

Baby crying without tears
Baby crying without tears

These are some intriguing facts that must have surprised you! Whether you appreciate it or not but our eyes are one of the best god gifts given to us and the least that we can do is to protect them.

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