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Eyeglasses: Correct your vision with the right eyeglasses

Eyeglasses: Know your vision need

Eyeglasses, as we all know, corrects faulty vision. Usually the lenses are mounted in the frames. They help people with vision issues to see clearly. The shape of the lenses are uniquely design in order to let the light rays bend. This allows the rays of the light to focus on the retina, which lies at the back of the eye.

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Shape of eyeglasses depends on the Shape of the Eye

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Faulty vision definitely needs eyeglasses. But the shape and condition of the eye decides the type of lenses needed for the correction. For shallow eyeball the image passing through the lens are form behind the retina. Deep set of eyes, the images are form in front of the retina. Hence, when the eye loses its flexibility it conduce to form the image behind the retina.

Vision problems and eyeglasses

Proper eyeglasses can help correct numerous type of faulty vision issues. Some of the conditions include:

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Hyperopia or farsightedness: A shallow eyeball leads to this condition. People with farsightedness see distant objects clearly, but objects up close appears blurry.

Myopia or nearsightedness: A deep eyeball is the cause of this condition. People with nearsightedness see nearby objects clearly, but they are not able to see things in the distance.

Presbyopia: It happens when the lens of the eyes loses its elasticity and is no longer flexible to change its shape. It is an age related condition usually occurs after the age of 40. People with presbyopia may somewhat be farsighted. That is why people with this condition needs to wear bifocals. Bifocals are the type of lenses where are two types of lenses fitted together. The farsighted lens are on the top and the nearsighted lens are place below it. So, this helps people to read through the bottom lens and use the top lens to see distant objects.

Astigmatism: It is a condition leading to blurry vision. The condition is caused by irregular curves in the cornea. Cornea is the transparent covering of the eyes. So, the uneven curvature makes it impossible for light rays to focus on a single point.

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