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Revisit eyeglasses styles of yesteryear: Jim Parker frames

The new Jim Parker retro eyeglasses styles are latest in the collection. It is all about the shape n and the bold color frames. They are unisex in design so are suitable for both modern boys and girls. Though the frames are trendy they are mark with a clean finish. Made mostly of metal like Steel and Titanium. It is a collection of elevated and eclectic two-tone color frames. You will be taken by surprise by the silhouettes and startling details.

Explore the most happening eyeglasses styles from the yesteryear:

Modified Clubmaster: Retaining the styles of thick brow line. These eyeglasses style is define by the base of the rim with a little edge and curve to highlight the cheekbones. For the cult followers this is the frame one should choose.

Cat-eye glasses: The little up swept brow line and intricate temple designs create a vintage aura. You can try out the frames in different pops of colors like Magenta, Maroon, Purple, Red and many more. Don’t miss out on the sophisticated style with matte finish. These glasses are definitely going to shine with your personality. Check out the frames below. The modern women needs them. For they speak of their inner sense of style, elegance and confidence. Men can check out for some modified cat eyeglasses.

Round Basics: This frame is timeless and bona fide style icon. It has been there for ages. There are variations in the thickness of the frames. But all of them has the simple effect of ceaseless style. Sophisticated curves and edges around the rim adds twist of style and class. Explore the frames in sleek metal body, with chic patterns giving a look of elegance. Men and women alike can try on these frames. They exude the best style in a very simplistic manner.

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