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Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017: What’s in?

Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017: What’s hot this season?

Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017 collection includes frame inspired from the styles of yesteryears. This year’s collection draws inspiration from the 70’s. Thin wire-frame, metallic colour in vintage tone are all in this season. The eyeglasses are not just for correcting vision issues but are also for displaying your style. This collection are vintage fuelled and style pumped metal frames are back this season. They practical stylish and comfortable lot of frames. Also, the nerdier, the better.

Eyedo- Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017 collection

Jim Parker 870 Gun Eyeglasses Gunsilver

Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017

This John Lennon inspired frame is a hot favorite this season. Perfect round with ultra slim rim will add great style and intellectual look.

Jim Parker 3586 Brown Eyeglasses Brown

Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017

Another style inspired from the 70’s with thin wire in copper colour. A practical frame for the hippies in heart. Very stylish and perfect to add charm and instill a great look.

Jim Parker 6310 Brown Matt Eyeglasses Brown Matt

Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017

Continuing with the thin metal wire frame this is a timeless frame in Titanium. Wayfarer shape can work on any frame. Beautiful copper brown adding a classic geeky chic to your looks.

Jim Parker 9006 Brown gold Eyeglasses 

Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017

A classic for the women. This oval frame with a slight upswept brow is definitely going to accentuate your face. A mix of gold and copper brown instills the vintage look. Light and comfortable they are a perfect partner for all your outfit.

Jim Parker Cs011 Brown Dagold Matt Eyeglasses

Twist to the classic Club Master this ultra-modern frame is for all. The tortoishell brow highlights the upper portion of the face. This is

Zero X ZX 3022 Brown Havana Eyeglasses Gold

Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017

The little accents on the brows are what does make the frame stand out. Silver steel frame with tortoiseshell browline is all about classiness and high end fashion.

Zero X ZX 3006 Brown Havana Eyeglasses Gold

Eyeglasses Spring-Summer 2017

Bolder rim with slim metal bridge and temple defines the sophistication you need. The nerd looks got a lot hotter with it.

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