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Choose your eyeglasses according to your Face Shape

Choose your eyeglasses shape according to your Face Feature

Guide and tips to choose your eyeglasses shape according to your face feature.

Face Shape and Frame
Round face shape Feature : Full cheeks, Rounded Chin, Equal length and Width
Suitable Frame: Strong details, wider and tall lens, nosepads to keep off cheeks
Frames to Avoid : Rimless Frames, Round and Small frames

Eyeglasses according your Face Shape 1
Square Face Shape feature : Prominent jawline, Angular feature and wide forehead.
Suitable Frame: Round or unswept shapes, Thinner frames, Neutral colours.
Shapes to Avoid: Overlarge glasses that hide face .

Frame for square face shape 2
Heart Face Features: Broad Forehead, Pointed, high cheeckbone
Suitable Frame:light details, frame wider than forehead, details on lower half.
Frames to avoid: Avoid decorative temples or any colorful frames

Frame for heart shape face 3
Oval Face Feature: Balance features, high cheekbone, chin narrower than forehead
Suitable frame: Bold shape, Funcolour, and texture, size that maintains balance
To Avoid: Avoid square and rectangle frames

Frame for round face 4

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