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Eye frames in trend

Eye frames in trend

Don’t have the right frame for your glasses? Not cool! Eyeglasses and trendy eye frames make bold fashion statements that make you stand out among the crowd. Don’t believe me? Look around you. Starting from celebrities flaunting fashionable eye frames that match perfectly with their dress to politicians and teenagers, stylish glasses are the flavor of the season. If you want an entry into that stylish league as well then here is a list of things you must know before you choose a frame for yourself.

Types of eye frames

  • Full Frame glasses– It will boost your appearance and highlight your eyewear. It will add glamour and style to your appearance and draw attention to our eyes.
  • Rimless frames– It is best suited for those who have to wear spectacles all the time. It is also advisable for people who have sensitive skin and prefer a minimalist appearance. They give you a very mature look and are best for formal occasions.
Rimless eye frames
Rimless eye frames


  • Semi- Rimless Frames– These are also popularly known as Nylons and come in multiple shades. They are anything but ordinary! If you want something that is stylish yet sophisticated then these are your best bet.
Semi Rimless Eye frames
Semi Rimless Eye frames

While choosing eye frames, you should not only look at different types but the material with which they are made as well. The look of your frame depends a lot on the material with which it is made as well.

More Facts:

Money Metal– it is the most popular choice for creating frames and it comes with multiple varieties of colour and style options. Corrosion resistant, this material is the choice of most people. Very classic in its look, it makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Titanium and stainless steel– Do you stay in a hot humid area? This is the best option for you then. Corrosion resistant, these frames are easy to adjust and best for sensitive skin. Gives you a lean and a contemporary look. This suits everybody.

Memory Metal– Are you looking for something flexible yet sturdy? Here is the answer to your problem. Athletes and every other person who have a habit of using spectacles roughly can use this robust and durable eye frame made from memory metal.

Plastic– light as a feather, these eye frames sit snugly on the nose bridge and come in multiple colours and styles. These frames make you look very bright and are best for parties or casual get together.

Acetate Eye frames
Acetate Eye frames

Carbon fibre– This is the new cutting edge technology that is supremely light yet sturdy and durable. It is best suited for those with a busy and active schedule. Surprisingly flexible and very stylish.

Well, they say that there is a soul mate out there for everyone. I don’t know that for sure but what I do know is that there is an eye frame that suits every one’s style. So go and get one today!

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