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Eye donation – a step towards a noble cause

Eye donation – a step towards a noble cause

Blessed are those who have the gift of sight. Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered about all those wonderful things that you see around you? Can you imagine living your lives in darkness? Did you know that blindness is one of the most prevalent problems in India? Corneal blindness is most prevalent, which can be solve with eye donation.

The motive of this blog is to educate you about eye donation and make you aware of this noble cause. Currently,  about 4.5 million people in India are blind. You can gift all these people with vision with a simple step forward. Here are answers to all the questions that you may have.

Eye donation
Eye donation

What is the process of eye donation?

Eye donation is a simple medical procedure in which the cornea (a tissue in your eye) is taken out and put into the eyes of the other person. This is done to replace the opaque cornea with a clear cornea to help restore sight in people. So basically, a corneal transplantation is done.

Who can be eye donors?

Everyone can be an eye donor! Patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, in fact, people wearing spectacles can also donate their eyes. All you need is the intention. However, people suffering from Aids, syphilis cannot donate eyes.

Are the eyes stored somewhere? Where can I register myself?

Yes, there is something known as the eye bank. You can register yourselves with any eye bank; they will remove the cornea of the person within 6 hours of death. Also, The next of kin can also register on behalf of the person in case he/she has not and has died.

Eye donation
Eye donation

Eye donation is a noble cause and it brings light into the lives of many. One step in this direction can make a lot of lives colourful. Register yourself today and spread awareness about this cause.

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