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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday celebration:

Easter Sunday is celebrated by the Christian on the third week of April every year, for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on this day . It is a festival and a holiday. it is about celebrating with colourful decorated  eggs,  bunny and  egg hunts.

Easter Sunday

On this day many churches hold special service celebrating Jesus resurrection after his Crucifixion. This Sunday is not a federal holiday but most of the christian do not work on this day.  For people with strong religious beliefs, the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on and on the 3rd day he resurrected. This is marked as an important day.

Easter Sunday

This is celebrated differently in different countries. People light candles, organise special church service, music, and flowers. People do dramas, songs, dance on the day related to this topic. This is written in the new Tastement of the bible. It is where Mary Magdalene (mother of Jesus) came to th womb to find Jesus and found it empty. An angel told her that “Jesus had risen”.

Easter Sunday

Many people get confused how eggs and bunny is related to this festival. They are fertility symbols. Other symbols also include Pagan joy in the sun of spring, which coincides  with christian joy in the rising of the Son of God. People go from places to mountains on this day to see the sun rise.

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