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Children’s glasses: Style plus Utility

Children’s glasses: What frames suits them most?

Children’s glasses needs to be strong and sturdy. They should be resilient and should be able to withstand the effect of their activities. By nature children tends to be far more active than adults. Most of them always have the nerve to take part in high adrenaline activities. So, frames made from high quality Acetate or TR or Titanium can be best for them. If the frames are team up with polycarbonate lenses they will also protect the child’s eyes from harmful UV rays.

Children's glasses: Style plus Utility

What to look for while selecting Children’s glasses?

First, we need to determine the level of correction required. This can only be suggested by an eye doctor after a thorough check-up. Also needs to find out whether the child needs to wear them regularly or when they are doing school work. The recommendation of the doctor is a must before you decide on anything.

The type of lenses will help in deciding which type of frames to choose. Thicker lenses may require a certain type of frames whereas in thin lenses can be placed on any frame. When children wear glasses they are always a little tease about and especially if they are wearing them for the first time. So, choosing something that is trendy and fashionable and fits their definition of cool is something we should go for. As for the type of frame materials, plastic, acetate or TR are best. They strong, sturdy and are available in variant of colours. If at all you consider to go for metal than you can choose titanium as they are lighter and stronger than any other metal. And they are skin friendly. So, if your kid have sensitive skin Titanium is best for them.

Children's glasses: Style plus Utility

Fitting should be perfect as the kid’s would either want to or shun away from it depending on it. They should sit properly on the face and not slide away or pinch onto the skin. Lastly, always be ready with a backup pair in case they happen to scratch, break or lost the frame.

Children’s glasses should overall serve the style and utility need of your child.


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