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Who Wore the Glasses Better?

Who wore Glasses better? Selena Gomes or Megan Fox?

Selena Marie Gomes commonly known as Selena Gomes born in Texas on 22nd July. She is a Singer Cum Actress, her first Show was Barney and Friends. Winning many award for both singing and acting career. Her contribution toward the social work and charity works add more beauty to her personality. The young star is far sighted since her younger days and can often be seen wearing spectacles though she wears contact lenses most of the time. But hey, Who knew Glasses would look even more radiant! She Flaunt any eyeglasses look, she look good in any shape of the eyeglasses, either it be round or rectangle. She wears it with confidence and wear it accordingly to the occasion. Her collection of eyeglasses will take you to the other fairy tale story.

Who Wore Glasses Better

Megan Denise Fox also known as Megan Fox , an american Model cum Actress was born in Tennesse, US on May 16.  She was a model until she appeared in the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. She in one Bold Lady who Flaunts eyeglasses on social functions. Known as  the sexiest woman in America, she dares to come out with eyeglasses on and has become an inspiration for many. One just don’t age with Glasses, it depends on how you wear it, and fun starts when you start living with it.

Who Wore Glasses Better

Both Megan and Selena are among the top celebs who grew up with eyeglasses and flaunt their eyeglasses in any occasion. Well, you can also flaunt the eyeglasses by wearing the best eyeglasses with both style and good quality. Eyedo had the best collection of latest eyeglasses in all different colours and shapes with different sizes. For better and comfort for the customer, Eyedo gives the best customer service with fast delivery and promising guidelines, for more Log into

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