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10 tips to maintain eyeglasses

10 tips to maintain eyeglasses-1

Choosing the right frame, perfect lenses, and appropriate design to match our personality, all these tiny details were minutely taken into consideration while purchasing them. Thus, it is really important for us to maintain our eyeglasses to make it last longer and get the value for money for what we …

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Titanium Frames: A revolution in eye wears


  Titanium frames are an excellent way to project your style statement. It increases your aesthetic appeal. Eyeglass frames not only provides a means to improve your vision, but also it is one of the most trending fashion accessories. Eyeglasses frames now come in a variety of materials such as …

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History of eyeglasses : The story of eyeglasses

History of eyeglasses : The story of eyeglasses-1

Brief history of eyeglasses History of Eyeglasses has done the rounds in the history of mankind since the time of the Romans. People have been using different materials such as quartz, emeralds, etc. Glass had been in use since the time of the Mesopotamian era. Until the 13th century, glasses …

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How to choose eyeglasses online?


Choosing eyeglasses online is not an easy task. Here are certain things everyone can implement to make the purchase experience smooth. What to look online? First, be sure of what you are looking for when you are planning to buy eyeglasses online? Decide, what you want? Not deciding on your …

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