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Best hairstyle for men with eyeglasses

Men with eyeglasses are an indication that you got a faulty eyesight. But this is no reason to cry over spilled milk. Why not take up this chance to exult the addition of another accessory into the rather monotonous wardrobe. Because a perfect eyeglass can totally transform your look and some can even create a striking eye catching effect. Oh, you can make head turn towards you with a bold frame. Here are some hairstyles that go with different eyeglasses.

Taper haircut

This is one of the classic hairstyles for man and suits men with square face shape. Though the sides have minimal hair the top can be styled with shaggy or messy waves, punks or mohawk. Eyeglasses with soft, round lines or minimal frames will look best. Oval or circular frames with nearly rimless horizontal frames can soften the angular face and compliment the ruffle top hair.

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Taper haircut

Side comb

A hair style that complements men with oblong face shape. It can bring in a twist and turn to your look by changing the side swipe or ruffled the top while maintaining the same side comb. As the sides of the hairline are clean, you can opt for chunky frames with bold brow line and temple. Choose rectangular or aviator style glasses which will cover up the length of the face.

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Modern side part

This is a modern twist to the regular side parting. This is a casual hairstyle with a little longer hair on the top of the head creates volume. Oval face shape men with eyeglasses can try on this frames. You can just run your fingers through the hair and create this mess yet cool style. Eyeglasses with thicker brow lines work best for this hairstyle.

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Side part

This is a regular style most guys wear, but it is most suitable for men with heart shape face. You can obtain this hairstyle with a little longer hair to pull your hair to the opposite side. You can go for modified wayfarers, rounds and rimless glasses.

Best hairstyle for men with eyeglasses-4

Messy blowout

This hairstyle is for the boyish look with the triangular facial shape. If done wrong, it may end up making you appear disoriented? So, ensure you put hair cream to make it subtle. Rectangular or square (ish) frames will work best with this hairstyle and face shape. Avoid round and bold frames.

Best hairstyle for men with eyeglasses-5

Quiff for men with eyeglasses

This hairstyle will ultimately spice up your look if you have a diamond face shape. A wayfarer or a modified version of the frames will best work with this hairstyle. Remember to use gel or hair wax to get the shine and the perfect hair.

Best hairstyle for men with eyeglasses-6

Modern slick back

This hairstyle can get everywhere from a broad way to the boardroom. Use a gel to keep it in place. It suits men with an oval face shape. In fact, most hairstyles mentioned herein will go with an oval face as it is regarded the most versatile shapes. Any type of frames will work for you.

Best hairstyle for men with eyeglasses-7

Quiff with clipped sides

The best hairstyle for men with round facial shape. Rectangular frames will work best on this hair and face type. You can choose a variant of color to style yourself.

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