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Beauty and the Bold

Beauty and the Bold

To be the beauty and the bold. The look of a person is always the first thing that amuse people.  Well, add more beauty to your look by wearing the stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses.

 Zerox 3023

The bold and classic, eyeglasses that catch the attention by just the look of it.  This eyeglasses is full fame, made for both men and women. The frame material is of acetate and steel temple. The alluring oval shape do add more style to the face. Helps you gain your confidence

Beauty and the Bold

Jim Parker 1245

The bold Jim Parker 1245, do look gorgeous. Inspite of its thick design and enormous frame size, the frame do make us help our face get the shape of our face clearer.

Beauty and the Bold

Jim Parker 3583 

The Double Bridge Clear and light Jim Parker eyeglasses is the latest trending glasses that will make you stand out in the crowd and give you glamorous look.  The full frame rectangle eyeglass is steel frame and temple. There are variation of colour and one can choose accordingly.

Beauty and the Bold

Jim Parker 9026

The Elegant looking eyeglass is in round shape and the frame material is acetate and steel, steel temple. These eyeglass give you a little vintage look and classy vibe. The design at the edges of the glass give a vibrant attraction.

Beauty and the Bold


You can also log into for more variations and collection of eyewears. There are variaties of colours, shapes and sizes. All of them are of best quality and refine design.

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