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Sumedha Basu

Sumedha Basu is a content author (Intern) at www.eyedo.in. Her perception of things makes the readers look at a topic from a different point of view. She is an avid reader and likes to question the unquestionable.

Eyes – Fun Facts

Eyes – Fun Facts Our eyes allow us to see some extraordinary things in the world. It is the most fascinating part of our body and all animals make use of it every day to get past the day. In fact, did you know that it is the 2nd most complex …

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Eye frames in trend

Eye frames in trend Don’t have the right frame for your glasses? Not cool! Eyeglasses and trendy eye frames make bold fashion statements that make you stand out among the crowd. Don’t believe me? Look around you. Starting from celebrities flaunting fashionable eye frames that match perfectly with their dress …

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Colour Blindness – blindness or colour deficiency?

Colour Blindness – blindness or colour deficiency? Colour blindness as most people believe it to be is actually not a type of blindness at all. It is rather a deficiency to detect colours like green, yellow or red. It is more prevalent in males than in females. This is seen …

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Which eye frame should we buy?

Prescription glasses frame - all you need to know

Wondering Which eye frame should you buy? Buying an eye frame takes a good amount of time. After all there are just so many choices nowadays and to be able to choose the perfect frame from the plethora of options, is a task! If that is how you feel then this …

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Metal vs Plastic – which is better?

Metal vs Plastic – which is better? This question must have bothered a lot of you while buying eye frames. So, here’s bringing to you a proper analysis of Metal vs plastic eye frames, the strengths and weaknesses of both types. You can choose which one suits your needs, the …

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Braille – A ray of hope

Braille – A ray of hope A few minutes of darkness can trouble us. Imagine what would it be like to not know the difference between light and darkness. To not be able to enjoy the beautiful nature around us! It is in this darkness that it proved to be …

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Acetate eyeglasses frame for all


Acetate eyeglasses frame for all While buying eyeglasses, you look at various things like its colour, its shape, whether it matches your face shape or not. Do you ever wonder what material the eyeglasses frame is of? How that can affect you? Let’s look at one eyeglasses frame material- One of the …

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Why should we wear glasses?

Have you questioned yourself, why should we wear glasses? Wear eyeglasses : Do you sometimes have problem reading things up close or do you at times find it challenging to see things at a distance? Do you have difficulty in working on the computer for hours at a stretch? Is this an …

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Eye donation – a step towards a noble cause

Eye donation – a step towards a noble cause Blessed are those who have the gift of sight. Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered about all those wonderful things that you see around you? Can you imagine living your lives in darkness? Did you know that blindness …

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Cataract – the old age condition

If you have trouble looking at bright colours or recognizing faces from a distance, then you are most likely suffering from an eye condition called Cataract. Cataract is also referred to as an old age eye condition as it very common among the old people. It is known to be …

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