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Astigmatism how toric contact lenses work

Toric contact lenses for astigmatism

Are you suffering from astigmatism and worried about wearing contact lenses?. Then it is time to shed off all doubts about using a contact lens. Today, there are plenty of options available for correcting astigmatism using a contact lens.

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Toric Contact lenses for astigmatism

The most popular contact lenses to treat astigmatism are Toric contact lenses. The term usually means specifically designed contact lenses having two different curves instead of one.

Most Toric contact lenses are soft lenses. They are usually made of a hydro gel material or highly breathable silicone hydrogel. They are also made of rigid gas permeable contact lens materials too.

Toric contact lenses are different from regular soft

  1. Toric lenses consist of different cylindrical power in varying meridians of the lens. It corrects astigmatism along with the extent of nearsightedness or farsightedness of the eyes.
  2. Toric lenses are designed to enable to move as per the movement of the cornea. This allows the cylindrical meridians of the lens to align with the correct meridians of the eye to obtain clear vision.

Some common symptoms of astigmatism are eye strain and headaches, especially after reading or after involving in the extended task requiring visual focus.

If left untreated for a longer period it will cause vision to blur or distort to some extent at all distances.


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Common symptoms

Types of Toric contact lenses for astigmatism

Every eye with astigmatism is unique. That is why each pair of Toric contact lenses is designed to provide the best fit, comfort ability, and visual acuity. There are many brands like Bausch& Lomb, Acuvue, Air Optix, etc.,. Which produces soft lenses for astigmatism.

They come in varying frequency of usage as well, such as daily disposables, weekly disposables, monthly disposables and annual disposables. Toric contact lenses also come in color as well. You can correct your vision and still enhance your look. There are also bifocal lenses to correct both presbyopia and astigmatism.

Toric contact lenses are more expensive than regular contact lenses because their designs are more complex. The replacement cost is also higher than the cost of most soft contact lenses. But there is a way to save money. Buy Toric contact lenses online and save money.

Always buy from an expert in eyewear. It will ensure continuity of supply of your contact lenses. You can also avail great deals and go light on your pockets.

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