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Advantages and Disadvantages of using Eye Drops

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Eye Drops

Eye drops can be used to soothe the eyes and various eye problem.  Some give moisture to the eye, relieves it from redness and itchiness. Well, there are lots of advantages for using eyedrops as medicine. Most of them are the advantages. Excessive use of eyedrop can also be a problem and cause more harm to the eye.  One should be careful of how they use it.

The advantage of Eye drop offers moisture to your eyes, it is the best and fast way to moisten your eyes.   It relieves the eye from itching and burning. There are different uses for other kinds of eyeglasses for different diseases or treatment. Like some use for eye major problems like the cause of corneal transplant, eye allergy, Lasik eye surgery and glaucoma. They are more compact and easier to manage more than pills or injections.  They are easy to use and is more convenient.

The Disadvantages are that eye drops are not for everyone. Although it helps some by soothing the eye problems but some are allergic to eye drops. And the Excessive use of eye drops can also damage the eyes too. It causes allergy because of the chemical that triggers. The worst can get you into complicated eye problem if not used properly.

Ensure that: Your and eyes are clean before using eye drop. Try to avoid Chemical make up the substance. Never share your eyedrop or ointment. Refrain wearing Contact lenses when you have eye problem.

Always seek a doctor for your eye-related problem, they are sensitive and it can worsen. Maintain a daily eye check up to keep healthy eyes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Eye Drops

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