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Actresses sporting eyeglasses

A high fashion trend- actress sporting eyeglasses:

Do you sometime wonder, when eyeglasses had become a fashion statement?! Well, it doesn’t matter because, Good thing we got introduced to eyeglasses . Realising the huge potential that this market has. Prada and Gucci among others have started investing in as well but hey! who want to spent fortune on eyeglasses. But well, we love to wear good glasses right? Specially when you are getting good quality at reasonable price and excellent design.

Actresses, actors, musicians, sports persons and even politicians are making bold fashion statements with their eyeglasses. Therefore, here I am bringing to you a list of 5 actresses who wear eyeglasses and flaunt any type of eyeglasses. Seeing them will surely blow your mind away!

See the list of actresses sporting eyeglasses:

  • Cate Blanchett– The recently Oscar nominated actress of Carol, is the first woman who comes to my mind when it comes to defining her style statements with glasses. She is definitely a pioneer in this. Her big thick black glasses make her look sophisticated. Whether it is the red carpet or showing up for a shoot, she always dazzles us with her amazing sense of eye wear.ย A high fashion trend- actress sporting eyeglasses
  • Jennifer Aniston– Usually seen sporting round and rectangular eyeglasses, there is nobody who understands what goes with her face shape better. Her geeky chic look has taken on a lot of popularity.A high fashion trend- actress sporting eyeglasses
  • Julia Roberts– How can one forget the pretty woman in this list! She is someone who can carry the look with her eyeglasses very well. The 47 year old actress is now often seen wearing glasses at various award functions and events and I must say she looks breath taking in those glasses.A high fashion trend- actress sporting eyeglasses
  • Anne Hathaway– First seen wearing glasses in her movie Princess diaries, this soon to be mother looks gorgeous with her big bold glasses. Those glasses look perfect on her and makes her look ever so timeless.A high fashion trend- actress sporting eyeglasses
  • Demi Moore– This extremely smart and talented actress is often spotted wearing her big glasses. She doesnโ€™t fuss about wearing glasses over contacts and this attitude of hers makes her admirable and a beauty.A high fashion trend- actress sporting eyeglasses

The list is of my 5 favourite actresses seen wearing glasses in multiple occasions. Eyeglasses have not only become a mere accessory but also has become a fashion statement.

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