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8 Eyeglasses frame for men 2015

Eyeglasses frame for men 2015

8 eyeglasses frame for men in 2015 are listed below.

  • Tortoise brown frames:

Printed eyeglasses frame is going to rule the eye world for men this spring. That is why Walnut Tortoise or simple tortoise shell frames are ready for a steal. Style yourself this spring with this hot and chic frame to give your personal style a boost.

8 Eyeglasses frame for men 2015-1
Tortoise Shell eyeglasses
  • Cool Blues frames:

Bright and bold colored frames that are surely eye-catching and memorable. Thus, for summers this is the best color that men can adorn. This frame is for the bold and the brave. Flaunt it with the best denim and tees in your wardrobe.

8 Eyeglasses frame for men 2015-2
Blue Eyeglasses
  • Wood finish frames:

Adorn the organic look with wood finish eyeglasses frame. As they are trending this season with lots and lots of people becoming conscious of their environment and social responsibility. This is a perfect frame to make that statement.

8 Eyeglasses frame for men 2015-3
Wood Eyeglasses
  • Transparent frames:

This eyeglasses frame is classic and has been around for years. So, this funky frame is a trendy way to style yourself. It complements all types of skin tone and outfit.

8 Eyeglasses frame for men 2015-4Transparent eyeglasses

  • Half-rim frames:

Minimalist style for people who can’t do without their eyeglasses. The metal rims and sleek design accentuate your business like look. It provides greater visibility and comfort. So, for those who want to deck a professional and sophisticated look, this frame is a booster.

  • 8 Eyeglasses frame for men 2015-5
    Half-rim eyeglasses
  • Modified wayfarer:

Wayfarer eyeglasses are very popular with everyone. But for those who do not want to look the same like everyone else can go for this modified version. This vintage frame will provide a nerdy retro look. It gives a classic look with a modern twist.

8 Eyeglasses frame for men 2015-6
Modified Wayfarer
  • Rectangle frames:

This frame will remain in trend as long as there are people with round faces. The only variable will be the color, tints, size and material. Choose jet black frames, green, gold, etc. which are in trend.

8 Eyeglasses frame for men 2015-7
Rectangle Eyeglasses
  • Gradient frames:

 Eyeglasses with this frame merge two shades in such a way that at certain angles of the light the colors reflected from the frame appears to be creating contrast. It gives a sharp look around the brow-line and a placid sober look around the cheekbones.

8 Eyeglasses frame for men 2015-8
Gradient eyeglasses

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