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10 ways for maintaining your contact lenses

10 ways to maintain Your contact lens and keep them safe

  1. Dirty hands can transmit bacteria, dirt and germs into your eyes. So, wash your hand thoroughly with a moisturizer free soap. Also, dry it with a lint free cloth.
    Washing Hands
  2. Now remove the contact lenses and place it on your palm. Put a few drops of lens solution into the lens. Now using the index finger of your other hand rub the lens with the solution in circular motion. Repeat the process for your other lens as well.
    Rubbing the contact lens
  3. Never use water to cleanse your contact lenses. Microorganisms can thrive in water and may cause infections. Proper care of your lens will help maintain the condition of the lens until you replace your lens next time.
    Cleaning contact lens
  4. Use only FDA approved contact lenses cleaners like Biotrue Contact Lens Solution or Renu Fresh contact lens solution. These solutions have enzymatic cleaners which can clean up any protein deposits from your lens.
    Biotrue contact lens solution
  5. Clean your contact lenses as often as possible to remove the deposits and build-up.
    Cleaning contact lens
  6. Always soak your lens in the contact lenses solution for the minimum soaking time as prescribed in the guidelines of your lens solution box or contact lens box. Or most of all at,  least soak your lens in the solution for a minimum of 3 minutes.
    Soaking the contact lens
  7. If you wear makeup then ensure that you put on the contact lenses before applying makeup. And remove the makeup after removing the lens. This will protect the lens from getting any make-up smear on the lens.
    Wearing contact lens
  8. While storing the lens, clean the contact lenses case first. Then wipe it off with a lint free tissue. Or allow it to air-dry. Now place the contact lens and pour the lens solution into it. Always store your contacts in its case when you are not using the contact lens.

    Some more common tips

    Cleaning the contact lens case
  9. Always keep your fingernails short. Consequently, this will help you avoid any wear and tear to the lens and avoid scratching your eyes while placing and removing the lens.
    Keeping nails short
  10. Any hair styling products or deo sprays should be applied before placing the contact lenses to avoid the products getting into your eyes or irritating your eyes.
    Hair sprays

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