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10 Makeup tips for contact lens wearer

10 Makeup tips for contact lens wearer

There are about 125 million people in the world who wear contact lenses. Of all 2/3 are women, this means approximately 83 million women wear contact lenses globally. Makeup is an essential part of grooming for women. Getting rid of the glasses has certainly improved your overall appearance. It becomes riskier when you wear a contact lens and still continue using makeup.

Here are some tips for women with contact lenses for using makeup without compromising with their grooming rituals.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly. Get rid of anything from your hands, oil, lotion and even your sweat.
    Washing hands thoroughly
  • Wear ophthalmologist-tested contact lenses. Put your lenses immediately after cleaning your hands and before applying your makeup. It will help you avoid getting the make-up into your eyes and sticking to your lenses. Once you put on the lenses, gently close your eyes and hold your eyelashes down with your finger.
    Removing contact lens
  • Use non-sticky and non-allergenic makeup. Always choose a good brand. Also choose for a make-up friendly contact lenses brand.
    Applying eyeliner
  • Cream base eye makeup might be a better option to avoid it getting into your eyes. If it gets into your eyes may cause irritation to your eyes. Go for water base makeup. They are light and hypoallergenic.
    Water base makeup
  • Avoid applying eyeliners on the eyelid margins and glitters on the eyes as they tend to flake away. It will irritate your eyes. Use soft eye pencils as they don’t flake.
    Applying eyeliner
  • While using mascara ensure that they are not applied close to the roots of the lashes. Also Use water and smudge proof mascara to avoid wearing off and flaking off.
    Water proof mascara
  • Before removing your makeup, remove your lenses and then use eye makeup remover to remove the makeup.
    Removing eye makeup
  • Ensure that you change your contact lens solution in your contact lens case every time you store them.
    Change contact lens solution
  • Always ensure you use a fresh supply of makeup. Old makeup may build up bacteria and cause infection.
    Non- sticky and non- allergenic makeup
  • Do not share your make up with anyone.
    Sharing make up

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